ZeeBORN Conference Session at the CMA Shipping 2009

Take the chance and visit the conference session “ZeeBORN Fleet Management, information – easy, flexible and secure” on 25th of March 2009, 4 PM to 5 PM in the Alder Room.

Session Abstract:

ZeeBORN Fleet Management Software is easy to understand and eliminates the need for extensive user training. Our Software allows all aspects of fleet activity in multiple views at once, from the big picture to detailed information.

ZeeBORN Secure Devices will allow you to add and easily change where new locations of fleet management information is required. Furthermore ZeeBORN Secure Devices will provide a high level of security, as no data resides on vulnerable laptops and desktops. A further level of security is provided by user access levels in the ZeeBORN software, which limits user access and prevents the download of fleet information.

Please visit us also in the lobby area (T6).
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