ZeeBORN on Windows 7

With the official launch today Windows 7 is now available worldwide to everybody who wants to use it.
If you plan to buy your new PCs with Windows 7 or just want to upgrade your existing machines to the newest operating system available from Microsoft, go on. ZeeBORN newest releases are already supporting Windows 7 from day one on.

And just in case you want to hear our opinion about Windows 7: Go, get it. Until now there have been many good reasons for still using Windows XP. But in terms of stability, security and speed Windows 7 brings now all the advantages compared to Windows XP that have been promised with the introduction of Windows Vista. We have already upgraded most of our PCs and laptops with Windows 7 – the ones that still run XP or Vista have been kept for compatibility tests only. Of course we will continue the support of XP and Vista as long as required.