Test ZeeBORN Maritime Solutions With Your Own Data

ZeeBORN has extended it’s offer for testing the available solutions with a new exciting feature. Test the system with your own data. Just contact our support team and it will arrange that your data will be transferred to our demo system. You will get an unlimited access to our server and you can check, how well the data have been converted and how the productivity increases, compared to your current system.

This new offer is available for the following ZeeBORN modules:

The necessary data migration tools are available for most fleet management systems used today. In case your existing system is currently not supported by our data migration services, there might be still a good chance to get your data converted.

This services is provided at no charge. The demo system can be used for one month (further extension of trial period possible). The data migration for the demo system is limited to one site (ship) per demo account only.

Please contact our support team for more details.