ZeeBORN System Version 10.7.1 available

All customers are now invited to upgrade to the newest ZeeBORN System version 10.7.1.

v1071In this new version you will find many new features but also many improvements of the already existing features. We have to thank all our customers for all the feedback that we get nearly every day – we have to thank for all these great ideas that help us to improve the system with each release. We have also to thank for all the assistance we get for finding those nasty bugs that somehow managed to survive all the tests before publishing the next releases.

For an overview about the new and improved features in the new release we recommend reading our special section Release Notes. Registered customers will also find further details at ZeeBORN Projects.

This new version has also been rolled out to all existing demo accounts on our demo server. Existing demo account users will now have full access to this new version.