ZeeBORN Yacht Management will be upgraded to full ZeeBORN Fleet Management solution

upgradeUntil the end of 2010 ZeeBORN will update all current users of the ZeeBORN Yacht Management solution to the full ZeeBORN Fleet Management solution … for free.

In an attempt of consolidating current software versions and related development efforts all features of the Yacht Management solution have been already merged into the “bigger” Fleet Management solution. Current users will receive in the next days an e-mail with a detailed description of the upgrade process and available options for further extensions of the new system. ZeeBORN will also provide demo accounts on the demo server for testing the Fleet Management solution before the actual upgrade will be performed.

With the decision to make this upgrade available without extra charge, we would like to thank all loyal customers who supported us since the time when ZeeBORN started the business.

As a part of the consolidation process, ZeeBORN fades out further development of the previous separate Yacht Management solution. A final update will be made available in mid of September. Customers who decide not to upgrade now, will of course still receive full support.