Use your iPad for administrating and using ZeeBORN solutions

ZeeBORN Fleet Manager made available on an iPad via iTap RDP client

Some of you already own an iPad or plan to buy an iPad 2. Today we want to show you another possibility for using your iPad together with our ZeeBORN solutions.

We started using the iPad from day one and we already have created a series of customer solutions for yacht operating companies. The iPad also became an essential tool for providing customer support on remote servers while being abroad.

Todays tip is based on our experience with using RDP clients on an iPad for administrating our servers. RDP clients are small apps that allow you to connect to a Windows workstation or server using the Remote Desktop technology (RDP = Remote Desktop Protocol). After evaluating a certain number of apps that offer support for the Remote Desktop protocol we have finally found the iTap RDP client from HWL Software Development GmbH. In this app you can easily configure the connection to your server and your server will be accessible with a tap of your finger. Compared to other similar apps we highly appreciate the optional features for accessing Remote Desktops through a number of available Remote Desktop gateways solutions. Even access trough a VPN connection is supported.

Of course this solution is not limited to ZeeBORN servers.

For further information about the described RDP client app please visit There you will also find a link to the Apple Appstore.

Just for your information: This is not a paid advertisement. We really like this app.