Announcing “ZeeBORN Once a Day”

ZeeBORN Once a Day is a small tool to be installed on your server. It will be started automatically once a day (hence the name) for checking your system for necessary database maintenance tasks and for calculating up-to-date statistics out of all the data in your database.

The maintenance part of the module is able to perform in most cases transparently necessary corrections of your data. It also takes care that currency exchange rates will be updated. The statistic part takes care that all data in the fleet overview are up-to-date and may also (as an option) produce budget reports for the financial management – just to name one of the reporting possibilities.

And the best is: In fact you’ll never use and never see this new feature. It always runs in the background and takes care that everything is running smoothly.

ZeeBORN Once a Day is already available to testers and will be released later this year as a part of the next update.