Demo Server

ZeeBORN operates a special Internet server where you can test the newest versions of the ZeeBORN solutions online from any computer with Internet access. All you need is a Remote Desktop client – like the one to be found in Microsoft Windows – and a demo account on our server. With your demo account you can access the demo server from nearly any place in the world. You don’t have to install any additional software on your own computer.

Available Modules

The ZeeBORN demo server provides all modules currently offered by ZeeBORN. Beside the access to current releases of the software you can also get access to previews of future releases. For the ones who want to see the daily results of our development activities, you may also get access to our daily builds – this type of demo account is very often used by our existing customers for evaluating and testing the newest release before implementing it in their live system. With a lab access account you will also have access to prototypes and concepts for potential future products.

Each type of demo account includes administrator access to the system – you have access to all modules and functions. You may also contact our consultants for setting up a typical user account to allow a better impression how the system looks like during a typical working day … having all the administration functions available sometimes can be confusing.

The demo account is your individual account. You are the only person who will be able to see the data you enter into the system. Your account is fully blocked against other demo accounts on the server as your competitor might be online at the same time.

Test with your own data!

Whenever we have to decide about buying new software, we always prefer to test new software with our already existing data. We just want to make certain that we import our data into the new system and that we can work with our own data as expected. Typical demo data may not provide a clean picture if it doesn’t reflect your own way of working.

ZeeBORN offers now the testing of the software on our demo servers by converting your data into our system. Meanwhile we support the data import from a wide range of competing products. Just ask our support team, if the data of your current system may be converted into your demo account.


The access to the demo server will be provided free of charge but will be limited to two weeks. Customers with valid licenses will have unlimited access to the server for testing future versions of our solutions.

Requesting a Demo Account

As the number of demo accounts is limited, please send your request for a demo account via our demo account request form. A demo account will be made available usually within 2 working days time and will be available for 2 weeks minimum. Please note that the demo accounts maybe “fully booked” during and one to two weeks after events like conferences, boat shows and similar.

For other special arrangements please contact our support team.

The support team will be also available while you are testing the system. Whenever you have a question or run into a problem, contact the support and we will be able to look together with you on the screen and assist you.