ZeeBORN as a solution provider offers a wide range of services ranging from the planning and implementation of a system up to the daily operation of the management solution. Following services are automatically included with each purchase of a ZeeBORN solution: Planning of the roll-out of the system in the entire fleet Migration of existing … Read more

Software Development

When it comes to cases of faster and more flexible realization of software development projects, the development team at the ZeeBORN GmbH is competent partner at the disposal to its customers. The areas of development emphasis are: Development of additional tools of ZeeBORN applications, but also to ease the administrative functions of third-party applications: By … Read more


The ZeeBORN Guidance is a combination of several services offered by ZeeBORN. This special service covers the following areas: Roll-out guidance with an extended availability of the support team for covering typical issues that need to be handled during the phase of implementing the new system Integration of other existing systems into a complete solution … Read more

Data Input and Migration

The ZeeBORN Data Migration services cover the range of importing existing data from 3rd party systems into the ZeeBORN solution up to services for transferring data between other 3rd party systems. Together with the help of the development services available at ZeeBORN, data migration solutions can be set up in a very short time. Typical … Read more