ZeeBORN Gadgets

ZeeBORN Gadgets is the name for a growing range of small tools that can be added to the ZeeBORN system on demand. ZeeBORN Gadgets provide a very convenient way of accessing system functions from anywhere in the system.

The following list might give you a better idea of the purpose of those gadgets:

  • Find Contact: find and access contact details from anywhere in the system without opening the Office Manager or another ZeeBORN module
  • Currency Converter: use up-to-date exchange rates for converting currency values into other currencies; with an existing Internet connection the exchange rates can be updated online; exchange rate updates are available workdays from 8:00 to 18:00 EST.
  • Master Contracts: Manage contract details for agreements that will cause recurring payments; master contract details will be included in all budgeting calculations and can be linked to incoming invoices registered with the ZeeBORN Invoice Registration module
  • Rating Tool: send surveys to colleagues and the crew on board the vessels for requesting supplier ratings according to existing quality management standards

ZeeBORN Gadgets will also be used for adding customer specific features to the ZeeBORN System (e.g. special reports, data synchronization with 3rd party systems etc.)