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31. Aug 2018: Contact information updated.

10. Jan 2014: We have added new template files in Excel format. All file templates (Access 2000/2010 and Excel) are now contained in the same archive downloadable from the list below.


File Description
(85KB, 31.08.2018)
This archive contains the data file templates in MS Access and MS Excel format. For a description of the files please read the document “Data Delivery Guideline”.
(162KB, 31.08.2018)
Data Delivery Guideline document

Questions & Answers

This is a short list of some topics that came while communicating with suppliers. This list will be extended on demand.

Q: We didn’t deliver any components that require maintenance. Do we still need to deliver any data?

A: If the delivered components don’t need any maintenance, you won’t need to provide any data. But: If there is any maintenance job that must be ordered from a service provider (maker or supplier) from time to time, then the related details are required, even if the maintenance tasks cannot be executed by the crew.

Q: Any special requirements for delivering the data in Excel format?

A: The field identifiers must be in the first row – data below. Only field identifiers shown in document “Data Delivery Guideline” shall be used.

Contact Information

phone: +49 (33233) 747484