ZeeBORN Sponsor at Conference in Monaco “Manning, Recruitment & Training” Management Meeting 2008

THE YACHT REPORT (www.synfo.com) is hosting and organizing a meeting for the super yacht industry in Monaco April 21-22. On the agenda are the general issues facing the super yacht industry in providing new individuals to feed industry growth who have good training. Other topics will be new labor rules, the working hours directive, on-board manning requirements, apprenticeship schemes and training standards.

ZeeBORN developed software which allows accurate and faster management of crew recruitment and placement for shore based marine businesses and organizations, who operate single or multiple locations of recruitment. Furthermore ZeeBORN software allows recruitment companies to more quickly provide candidates to their client ships and captains, through the use of the on-board ZeeBORN Yacht Management Software.

At the management meeting delegates may view our shore based ZeeBORN Crewing Software. For more information on ZeeBORN Crewing and the Management Meeting please find the links below.

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