Welcome to ZeeBORN!

ZeeBORN delivers maritime fleet management solutions for small and medium sized shipping companies worldwide. The company provides software solutions and services for ship owners, ship managers and ship operators for technical and safety departments.

Did you know? ZeeBORN Dry Docking module costs just 50 EUR/month

In July 2017 – together with our 10 year anniversary – we started a small price awareness campaign to give you an idea about the costs to be expected when migrating to a ZeeBORN solution. 50 EUR/month is only an example of a price tag to be considered while adding one of our modules to your existing ZeeBORN solution.

For more information about costs to be expected, please visit our Costs page. For general product information, plea se visit our Products page.

New ZeeBORN Safety Package

Don’t miss to add the new ZeeBORN Safety package to your management tools. Like all other ZeeBORN modules, the Safety Package helps to reduce the required workload dramatically while improving the quality of the collected information and distributing information and updates to all involved sites.

For detailed information, please visit our Products page.