Software Development

Certified Delphi® Developer, Certified Delphi® Master Developer and the corresponding logos are service marks of Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. and are used with permission.

When it comes to cases of faster and more flexible realization of software development projects, the development team at the ZeeBORN GmbH is competent partner at the disposal to its customers. The areas of development emphasis are:

Development of additional tools of ZeeBORN applications, but also to ease the administrative functions of third-party applications: By means of the developed tools the extended functionalities are made possible, which are not available to applications that are currently in operation. To some extend new functions are thereby developed, which for instance allow for a simplified and faster processing of large volumes of data, instead of having to process the individual data in the respective applications.

Development of Data Interfaces between various applications: often one is in a situation, for which the specific work in one’s field of activity, one has found the appropriate applications, however the applications may not communicate among each other. The result may be a partly cumbersome further processing of data and under certain circumstances a manual process, of transmitting data from one system to another. Apart from the time expenditure of this procedure, principally the procedure is quite prone to error. The ZeeBORN team develops data staging and data conversion tools based on many years of experience, which allow for extreme simplification of data transmission between two of more systems and which may be optionally also be automated. Technologies which were only available for internal purposes, will for the first time be made available to its customer base.

Development of the applications by customer request: The clear focus on management systems in the maritime and industrial markets makes the ZeeBORN GmbH an interesting partner for smaller and mid-size companies. A big advantage in the case of collaboration when formulating a new application is not only the high level of competency in the software development itself, but also the extensive know-how in those markets, in which the individual solutions come to be utilized. The development work carries, therefore a very high consultative and supporting nature.