ZeeBORN Documents is a document management module for electronic document filing, document creation and editing and document version and release management. The biggest strength of the ZeeBORN Documents module is the extremely easy distribution of new documents and document updates to other sites via the ZeeBORN Replication module.

Main Features

  • Central management: Manage all types of document files within a central database
  • Version tracking: Add version tracking to any document or group of documents you want. Putting a document under version control will also enable a three level approval process (checked, approved, released) for each new version of a document.
  • Document distribution: Choose all the involved sites where a document needs to be made available. The automatic data replication process will take care that all sites get always the newest, approved versions of a document.
  • Document linking: Create links between documents as reference to further information sources.
  • Document editor: Use the included text processor for creating and managing documents that won’t require any 3rd party software.


  • Data migration tool: Import existing documents into the ZeeBORN Documents module from other document management systems like AVECS QDMS or other sources.

Additional Services

  • Data conversion
  • Data input
  • Data checking