Additonal iPhone/iPad Test Slots Available

Our server has been extended with additional slots for testing the demo systems together with an iPhone or iPad.

If you already have a test account or demo account on our server, just send an e-mail to and we will enable the iPhone/iPad interface for your account. Please provide an e-mail address that can be accessed with your iPhone/iPad – we will send you a link that will connect your iPhone directly with your demo/test account.

If you want to test this feature but you don’t have an account on our server, please request an account at Please allow up to 2 working days for preparing your account. Customers with an on-premise server (not hosted by ZeeBORN) will also need a test account on our server for testing this new feature – it’s currently not available for production systems and will be released later this year.

Parts of this new interface can also be accessed with Android based smart phones or with a Palm Pre and similar devices.

Currently we have 10 test slots available. Each slot will be made available for two weeks.