ZeeBORN Seminar in Hamburg

On 24th of August ZeeBORN was invited to present the current version of the ZeeBORN Fleet Management Solution but also to discuss many new ideas and concepts for next versions of the system. The seminar took place in the famous Hotel Hafen Hamburg.

The nautical and technical officers and the inspectors and administrators attending the seminar already use one or more ZeeBORN solution in their daily practical work. This was an excellent opportunity for ZeeBORN to get first hand feedback regarding the experience with the solutions. And more important: many ideas have been discussed how the system can be made even better and more convenient.

For everybody who wasn’t able to attend this meeting, please find below a summary of the topics discussed in Hamburg. All attendees of the seminar will receive a separate link to a dedicated website containing a more detailed summary and later follow-up reports regarding the implementation status of the discussed new features and improvements.

Hamburg Seminar Summary

  1. Presentation of the ZeeBORN Document Management solution including migration strategies for existing 3rd party document management solutions (e.g. AVECS/Interschalt QDMS).
  2. Ideas for Purchasingmodule:
    1. Keep the article selection open while adding new articles to a requisition. Place a button “Add to Requisition” to the article selection dialog that will add the selected article to the current requisition without closing the selection dialog.
    2. Organize all IMPA catalog items in a single list instead of organizing them in separate sub-catalogs.
    3. Allow the receiving of free line items into store locations for initiating the further management of those items in the Stock Control module.
    4. Add a report for all pending items to be delivered. Sometime spare parts will be delivered without the original purchase order number. It would be easier if such a delivery could be crosschecked with all pending items.
  3. Ideas for Maintenancemodule:
    1. Allow Copy/Paste for findings from existing maintenance reports to new reports. As the description of the findings can be very large, especially for reports that require the entering of measurement values, it would be very convenient if previous reports could be used as report templates.
    2. Hide all properties in the change request form that cannot be changed via a change requests. Currently it can be very confusing if the job responsibility can be set in a change request but the only way of changing the responsibility is the related option in the maintenance schedules screen.
    3. The linked spare parts information shown for a component should optionally also allow a direct access to all other spare parts and spare part boxes of the selected components sub-components. Sometimes the spare parts used for executing a maintenance job and adding them to the consumption part of the maintenance report are linked to a sub-component and not the component the maintenance job has been done for.

Any other ideas or questions?

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