Updating is no Rocket Science

This is an introduction to a new series of tutorial videos we are going to release over the next few months. With our first tutorial video we want to answer several installation and updating related questions – in fact we want to show how easy it is. We highly recommend watching the video in HD and in full screen mode.

OK, this video is quite boring. But you have to be aware, that this video is showing a complete upgrade from an older ZeeBORN software version to a newer release. So, what is happening in the background while this upgrade is running?

  • The setup program performs a self test against file corruption and possible virus infections.
  • The database engine will be checked and will be replaced with a newer version, if necessary.
  • The new program files will be installed.
  • The full database will be checked for necessary structure updates and will be restructured if necessary (in this video an update of the databases for 14 sites (vessels, offices) has been performed).
  • The configuration settings will be updated.
  • A client setup for other workstations connected to the server will be prepared (all connected clients will be updated automatically during the next application start).

And it’s all in one setup package. No other setup packages for runtime modules, database servers or other pre-requisites are required.

And the most important thing is: This update can be performed without special IT knowledge and compared to other solutions it’s extremely fast.