V11.6 Feature Review: Gadgets

Gadgets Menu

A few months after releasing the first version of our solution many years ago we added a new feature called “ZeeBORN Gadgets“. With gadgets we have an elegant option for adding individual features to the system without the need of releasing a full new software upgrade. The main idea behind the gadgets is, to implement additional features that not every of our customers wants.

With the recent Version 11.6 release we shifted the focus a little bit by re-defining the purpose of those gadgets. Starting with version 11.6, “Gadget” is now a synonym for a feature that is always available. Whatever module is currently active in the software, just click on the symbol in the lower left corner of the application window and you’ll see a menu with all available gadgets.

The basic gadgets “Currency Converter” and “Find Contact” are available in each license.