Extended Windows XP Support

In an earlier post published in 2010 we did announce that ZeeBORN will stop supporting Windows XP starting on June 1st 2011. To be honest, we haven’t been aware of that this date is still out there in the public.

In fact the support of Windows XP hasn’t been stopped yet and we have currently no plan to stop the Windows XP support in the near future. We are fully aware of that some of our customers are still using Windows XP and we are going to continue to support them as long as necessary.

BTW: ZeeBORN doesn’t technically enforce the usage of Windows XP as the minium supported operating system. ZeeBORN software may still run on PCs with Windows NT and Windows 2000 but all Windows versions before Windows XP are no longer part of the compatibility tests in our quality assurance processes.

Please note that Microsoft ends its support of Windows XP on 8th of April 2014. That means: Without a special support contract, to be agreed with Microsoft, you wont receive any further security updates for your PCs. We highly recommend replacing current Windows XP installations latest until this date.