Announcing “ZeeBORN Once a Day”

ZeeBORN Once a Day is a small tool to be installed on your server. It will be started automatically once a day (hence the name) for checking your system for necessary database maintenance tasks and for calculating up-to-date statistics out of all the data in your database. The maintenance part of the module is able … Read more

Evolution of Risk Assessment

After “playing around” with some of our new modules in the ZeeBORN Lab, we are currently preparing an update of our demo environment on the demo server.

With this update all demo and test account users will be able to review our new “Audit & Inspect” module. In addition you will also be able to see our new “Risk Assessment” module growing and evolving. In fact we just did start the development of the Risk Assessment module and there are still many functions missing or not properly implemented yet.

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New Module “Audit & Inspect” Available In ZeeBORN Lab

auditWith the help of one of our customers we started to improve our Task Tracker module. In result we will add some improvements to the Task Tracker itself but we are also going to introduce a new module called “Audit & Inspect”.

ZeeBORN Audit & Inspect helps you to collect all non-conformities and observations  resulting from internal/external audits and inspections and help you to plan and track the necessary follow up. Due to its “juvenile” nature this new module is currently available only in our ZeeBORN Labs section on our demo server.

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ZeeBORN Yacht Management will be upgraded to full ZeeBORN Fleet Management solution

upgradeUntil the end of 2010 ZeeBORN will update all current users of the ZeeBORN Yacht Management solution to the full ZeeBORN Fleet Management solution … for free.

In an attempt of consolidating current software versions and related development efforts all features of the Yacht Management solution have been already merged into the “bigger” Fleet Management solution. Current users will receive in the next days an e-mail with a detailed description of the upgrade process and available options for further extensions of the new system.

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ZeeBORN Seminar in Hamburg

On 24th of August ZeeBORN was invited to present the current version of the ZeeBORN Fleet Management Solution but also to discuss many new ideas and concepts for next versions of the system. The seminar took place in the famous Hotel Hafen Hamburg.

The nautical and technical officers and the inspectors and administrators attending the seminar already use one or more ZeeBORN solution in their daily practical work. This was an excellent opportunity for ZeeBORN to get first hand feedback regarding the experience with the solutions. And more important: many ideas have been discussed how the system can be made even better and more convenient.

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ZeeBORN System with ITGC and SOA compliant User Management

Starting with Version 10.7.1 ZeeBORN has extended the user management module with access rights modification tracking and related reporting features. Each modification of access rights will be stored together with a timestamp and the name of the user who is changing the access right. The new reporting feature allows you to show the current active … Read more

Get Your Ships Online With Minimum Communication Costs.

Monitoring a vessels performance requires a lot of data to be transferred between the vessel and the shore office. The only way of reducing the involved communication costs is a dramatic reduction of the amount of data to be transferred.[singlepic id=6 w=320 h=240 float=left]The ZeeBORN Replication module brings your vessels online – in nearly real-time – if you want. Based on the usage statistics collected by our clients, the weekly amount of data to be transferred from a vessel to the shore office is below 500 kByte. Sending data updates from the shore office to a vessel takes less than 100 kByte. Let’s assume you will have to pay to your provider 1 US Dollar per 100 kByte – this would result in 6 US Dollar communication costs a week for having your vessel online – or 24 US Dollar a month. Just check your contract with your current provider and compare these values with your current costs.

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