Data Input Into ZeeBORN System

This section provides additional information for suppliers for delivering maintenance related data for the ZeeBORN Maintenance module.


File Description
39 KByte, updated 26.07.2010
ZeeBORN data database template in Microsoft Access 2000 format
113 KByte, updated 14.07.2010
Data Input Guidline

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many document files can be added to a component and to a job description?

A: Currently only one document file can be attached. If you want to add more than one document, we recommend merging these documents into one PDF file.

ZeeBORN also provides a tool that allows the combination of multiple files into ZeeBORN’s own ZBDoc format (see Document Viewer for more details and examples). This tool will merge all selected files into a single ZBDoc file and will automatically add a menu for accessing the separate files within the ZBDoc file.

Q: What file formats will be supported as an attachment for a component or a job description?

A: In fact there is no restriction for the file format to be used. The ZeeBORN software just tries to open a document file in the same way the Windows Explorer would open a  document after double-clicking on it. But we highly recommend using standard file formats like PDF and similar. It should be always considered that using special file formats may require the installation of additional software on the clients computer.

Q: Is it possible to link a job for the first time with a frequency of 1 month and a second time with a frequency of 1000 hours so that the job will be due on whichever comes first?

A: Yes.

Q: Is it absolutely not possible to put in jobs with a frequency below one (1) week?

A: There is no technical limit in the software that would prevent adding maintenance jobs with a frequency below 1 week. The 1 week limit is a request from the ship operator.