Connecting to the ZeeBORN Demo Server

This article describes the necessary steps for connecting to the ZeeBORN demo server.

Quick Start

After requesting a demo account you’ll receive an e-mail with access details. Just click the link in the e-mail (or this link) for connecting to the server. You’ll may need to open the file that will be downloaded after clicking the link. Enter the account details (user name and password) and wait until the connection will be established. The ZeeBORN software will start like any other application on your PC without installation.

Please note: You’ll need two credentials. 1) the login to our server and 2) the login to the ZeeBORN software (user: Administrator, password: admin – see e-mail for other user accounts that may have been set up for you in the demo system).

System Requirements

Connecting to your demo account on the ZeeBORN Demo Server is a straightforward process. You’ll just need a Windows PC (XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10) with the latest service packs and updates and an Internet connection.

On a Mac you will need to download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection application. The download is available for free at

Windows XP users may need to upgrade to the newest Remote Desktop client. This update is available at

Connecting to the Server

As soon as your demo account is created, you’ll receive an e-mail with your connection details. This e-mail contains a link for connecting to the demo server and your account details with user name and password.

Clicking on the link will start the download of a connection profile to your computer. If the Remote Desktop client is correctly installed on your PC, this profile can be opened with a double-click and the connection to the demo server will be established.

Now enter the account details (username and password) you have received in your e-mail.

Starting the ZeeBORN software

After a successful login to the server and after a successful initialization of the connection to our demo server you will see the ZeeBORN login screen.

The default user is “Administrator” with password “admin”.

Remote Session Screen

The remote session will finish automatically after leaving the ZeeBORN application.

Disconnecting from the Remote Session (if desktop is enabled)

Some accounts provide access to a full Windows desktop (e.g. for testing special add-ons or applications that are not part of the standard ZeeBORN package). After closing the demo applications you’ll need to click on  Start > Log Off for closing the remote session.

Connecting to the Demo Server through Company Firewalls

Compared to previous implementations of the demo account access it’s no longer required to consider any special configuration. All communication is encrypted by default and uses standard Internet connections that are also used for standard web browsing (http, https). If your are able to access normal web sites, you’ll also be able to access our demo server.

In some rare cases it may be required to configure the Remote Desktop Gateway manually. Please use the same server name and the same account credentials shown in the e-mail.