All ZeeBORN products and services are offered on a subscription base that includes all necessary software, all future software upgrades and of course support. The subscription fee depends on the number of vessels in your fleet and the ZeeBORN modules to be used. Costs for office licenses and additional training systems are automatically covered with … Read more

Dry Docking

With this feature we complement the Planned Maintenance module and Purchasing module with some powerful tools that make the planning, execution, supervision and documentation of dry docking activities much easier. The Dry Docking feature comes with the following highlights: Assignment of standard maintenance schedules to a dry docking project Creation of additional maintenance jobs to … Read more

Risk Management

Initial risk assessment: defining hazards and the corresponding existing measures which are in place; defining risk level for each hazard (severity and likelihood) Final risk assessment: define additional measures in order to reduce the final risk; evaluation of additional measures in the office and implementation if the additional measure is considered to be useful Define … Read more

Fleet Management

Fleet and Vessel Status gives a real-time and instant overview of vital key values of your business access to status details like: budget allocation, critical component status, overdue maintenance, overdue certificates, data replication status, open tasks, time table, audits and inspection with overdue follow up, overdue drill execution, overdue drugs and alcohol tests. User Activities … Read more

Drugs & Alcohol

Drug and alcohol abuse and its adverse effects on safety is one of the most significant social problems of our time. Whilst tanker companies have generally operated with strict policies related to drug and alcohol use on board their ships, it may be timely that the industry as a whole reassesses the control of drugs … Read more

Drill Plan

This module consists of a visualized drill, training and familiarization plan module. Even for big fleets, drills can be planned for a full year cycle and may give clear training description to the crew. Reference to SMS section and relevant forms and checklists can be included. Conducted drills can be reported and supporting documents and … Read more

Incident Reports

The ISM Code made it very clear: Procedures for the reporting, investigation and close-out of accidents, incidents, non-conformities and near misses must be established. The primary purpose of such requirements is to promote an increased understanding and awareness of unsafe conditions and to minimize uncontrolled event that may results in an accident or incident. ZeeBORN … Read more

Migrating from AVECS TiTAN to ZeeBORN in 5 Minutes

Already since 2011 the ZeeBORN Fleet Management solution comes with a new Migration Kit that makes the transition from TiTAN (AVECS/Interschalt’s former maintenance software) and other AVECS software an easy task. This kit has been developed initially as a ZeeBORN in-house tool for helping us to migrate former TiTAN users data to our ZeeBORN Maintenance module … Read more


The ZeeBORN Crewing module can be used by the crew management ashore, crew agencies, crew managers and of course also on board of a vessel. All areas of crew management like recruitment, documents and certificate checking, planning, crew change management, training and payroll are covered. The data transfer between ship and shore is handled via … Read more

Task Tracking

The Task Tracking module is used for collecting tasks resulting from identified problems. Sources of these problems can be audits, inspections, bug reporting for software modules etc. The Task Tracking module helps to manage the necessary follow up by assigning responsibilities, priorities and due dates. Follow up reports can be attached to the initial report … Read more