The support team is available via e-mail or telephone during normal office hours from Monday until Friday. After office hour support is available as an optional service. Contact details for the after office hour support can be found in your individual support contract. You can also contact us directly: E-Mail: Phone: +49 (33233) 747484 … Read more

How to buy

Each installation of our Fleet Management solution requires some customization for reflecting the special procedures and requirements of our customers. Print layouts need to be updated with our customer’s company logo, reports need to be adjusted for the company’s internal reporting scheme, user access rules need to be specified and implemented. In other words: The … Read more

Demo Account Request

Due to unexpected high traffic caused by spam requests, the demo account request form is no longer available. Please send your demo account request to and include the following details in your request: Name of company (Important Note: Demo accounts will be registered only for shipping companies. ZeeBORN does not provide access to the demo … Read more