ZeeBORN - Partners


ZeeBORN works closely together with other partners for all in one solutions.

JaeMaCom GmbH

JaeMaCom (www.jaemacom.de) is our preferred partner for network infrastructure and system virtualization. JaeMaCom is also our first choice and recommendation when it comes to the implementation of solutions for a worldwide remote access to company servers.

Symbio Technologies

Our partnership with Symbio Technologies (www.thesymbiont.com) provides stateless hardware solutions to protect and manage access to ship information. Specifically for clients who are looking for continuity of operational data on-board ships, as well as prevention of unauthorized access to fleet management information. ZeeBORN will be able to comply to new challenges in regulatory and legislative requirements.


schlichtundbündig (www.schlichtundbuendig.de) is our preferred partner for creating and designing ZeeBORN marketing campaigns in Germany, Monaco and the United States. They are always a big help for finding the right, clear and understandable words that describe our solutions, and for visualizing new ZeeBORN ideas and concepts.