Mobile Computing

The Mobile Computing product range contains several solutions for outsourcing functions and data from a PC to a mobile device (smartphone, tablets).

Selected functions and nearly all data can be made available wherever you need them. Powerful synchronization features allow the secure and convenient data exchange between your mobile device and your PC.

Typical Areas of Application

The Mobile Computing solutions allow you to move parts of your data and tasks to your mobile device. The following list describe some example applications:

  • Check and update store quantities directly in your stores. Collect received spare parts and used spare parts (or consumables). Use mobile devices with bar-code scanning.
  • Collect results of an audit or inspection. Write down comments for the relevant audit questions and collect deficiencies and required tasks. Add photographs and other documents.
  • See the condition of your ship and ships components on your mobile device.
  • Collect the operation status of reefer containers.
  • Use the camera feature of your mobile device for taking photographs for the maintenance job documentation or from identified damages to your ship or ship components.
ZeeBORN focuses on mobile platforms like Windows Phone, WinRT (Windows 8 apps) and iOS. Other mobile platforms are supported via dedicated web clients.


  • New: Mobile Server – Access selected parts of the system from your smartphone. The server component will be installed as an add-on to your existing application server and makes the systems data available via a web app or dedicated app.
  • Apps for consumer hardware (iOS, Windows Phone, WinRT)
  • Industry grade hardware (via ZeeBORN partners)
  • Synchronization module
  • Software module for outsourcing the required PC features and data


  • Extension of existing hardware with scanner features (bar code, RFID, NFC, etc.)
  • Using the camera feature of your mobile device
  • WLAN infrastructure