# Improve Data Quality With Change Requests

Published 2013-04-26

Getting a management system running is only one side of the medal. Keeping a management system running over a long time is the much bigger challenge.

One of the challenges within fleet management solutions is the maintenance of the data quality within the system. Of course there are already features like user management with detailed access control for preventing users from altering data in the systems they are not supposed to touch. But even if they are allowed to change data in the system, the final result may not match the expectations.

ZeeBORN is now rolling out a new feature to all customers that helps to keep and improve the data quality and to give a better control about changes of data in the system.

# Change Requests

Instead of using the existing Edit functions, an Administrator can now decide in the user management, that selected users will need to use the new Change Requests feature instead of applying modifications directly to the database. Via the Change Request feature a user can add new data, change existing data or he can even request the deletion of existing data. But instead of immediately applying those changes to the database, the change requests will be kept in a dedicated queue for later approval of the changes.

Any user with respective user access rights (e.g. inspectors) has access to a report showing the newest or still existing change requests. Directly within the report screen the user can decide if a change request will be applied or rejected. Each accepted change request will be logged in the data history for later evaluation if, why and who applied a modification to the database.

# Availability

The Change Request feature will be made available to all existing users with the next software update.

Change requests are currently available for machinery components, maintenance jobs and articles/spare parts in the Stock Control module.