Tag der offenen Tür

Am 21. Juli 2018 veranstalten wir für unsere Nachbarn und alle Interessenten aus der Umgebung einen Tag der offenen Tür. Nachdem wir seit dem 1. Mai in Ketzin leben und arbeiten, möchten wir uns nun nach der Fertigstellung der Firmenräume unseren Nachbarn vorstellen und wir möchten natürlich auch unsere neuen Nachbarn kennenlernen. Die Veranstaltung beginnt … Read more

Interschalt Bluefleet and GL ShipManager Added to Free Data Migration Offer

Starting with the September 2016 release of the ZeeBORN software, ZeeBORN extends it’s free data migration offer to customers still using Interschalt Bluefleet and GL ShipManager. Upgrading from an established management system to a new solution is always a challenge. But circumstances like fading support and missing future development of the current system is usually … Read more

AVECS to ZeeBORN One-Click-Migration

We just want to leave this message here as a reminder for our AVECS to ZeeBORN One-Click-Migration kit. You may also read our previous post Migrating from AVECS TiTAN to ZeeBORN in 5 Minutes about the details of this special migration kit.

Advanced Mobility

On 19th of January 2013 a new van has been handed over to the students of our local high school in Beelitz (Sally Bein Gymnasium). This gift has been made possible by many small and medium size businesses and private persons in the area and ZeeBORN is one of the proud sponsors. The new van will … Read more

Share is the new Print, Save, Export, Send …

With the newest release of the ZeeBORN Fleet Management System we introduce a new way of sharing information. Instead of the well known functions like Print, Save, Export you will now find a function called Share. Whenever you see something on screen that you want to share with others, click the Share button and the … Read more

ZeeBORN on a Stick

This is not a ZeeBORN product yet but definitively worth following. Everybody who follows our technical efforts to make our solutions more reliable and compatible has already experienced the high level of compatibility with the wide range of different Windows installations used by our customers. In a new internal project we tried to extend this … Read more

New ZeeBORN Feature: Dry Docking

Today we made a first version of our new Dry Docking module available for testing on our demo server. With this new feature we complement the Planned Maintenance module and Purchasing module with some new powerful tools that make the planning, execution, supervision and documentation of dry docking activities much easier. The new Dry Docking … Read more